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Baked Parmesan Mathri


Mathri, the classic Indian spiced whole wheat crackers, that are quite popular in the northern part of the country, get a brand new makeover with some unusual ingredients like Parmesan cheese, turmeric, red pepper flakes and dried parsley mixed in the dough.  In addition, this is a healthier recipe, since the crackers are baked and […]

Scallion Lachha Paratha

Scallion Lachha Paratha – the popular Indian layered flat bread stuffed with minced scallions or green onions, just like the Chinese Scallion Pancakes! Lachha paratha is an unleavened, whole wheat flatbread that is made just like other unleavened Indian flatbreads like phulkas, chapatis or tawa rotis. What makes the lachha paratha unique and different from […]

Palak Puri & Quick Tomato Chutney

Palak Puri & Tomato Chutney

Palak puri (spinach puffed breads) pairs perfectly with a quick spicy-sweet tomato chutney for a wholesome and delicious meal. Our Rotito Rolling Board makes rolling and shaping these puris easy and effortless. Puris or pooris are deep-fried whole-wheat breads commonly eaten for breakfast or dinner in Indian households. Kids especially love puris because they puff […]

My Rotito works wonders

Rotito Rolling Board Set with dough for pita bread

Some time ago, Prerna, a friend and customer of GitaDini, told us how she wished the Rotito Rolling Board had existed some time ago when she struggled to make perfect rotis as a newly-wed. Being a great storyteller, she agreed to share her story with us about how the Rotito Rolling Board inspired her to […]

Alu (Potato) Parathas, Zucchini Raita

Red Rotito Rolling Board with wooden rolling pin

Vidya Tiru, author from the Book & Food blog MyRandRSpace tested the Rotito Rolling Board and in her words: “The Rotito fulfilled a need I did not know I had.” She was kind enough to let us share her tasty recipe on our blog. Alu (Potato) Parathas What you need:  1 1/2 cup wheat flour 1 […]

Gobi Parathas With Zucchini Raita

Gobi Parathas With Zucchini Raita

This wonderful recipe was created by Vaishali Honawar, author of the great blog Holy Cow a fantastic vegan food blog.She tested the GitaDini Rotito Rolling Board for this recipe and gave it a glowing review. Vaishali was kind enough to let us share her recipe and her review of the Rolling Board. This recipe is a great […]