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Lauki Ki Kheer

Lauki Ki Kheer

This summer we were introduced to a great Indian food blog called Fun Food and Frolic. The author behind the blog is Hina Gujral, a food blogger, food photographer & stylist and freelance food consultant based in India. We asked Hina if she would be interested in testing one of our products – so far we’ve […]

Steamed Mini Cakes With Idlito 4-in-1 Silicone Kitchen Molds

Steamed Mini Cakes

Make these delicious bite-sized mini lemon cakes in our Idlito 4-in-1 Silicone Kitchen Molds. These are quickly steamed to make amazingly soft and moist cakes. Our Idlito Silicone Molds come in a variety of shapes that makes entertaining with these pretty desserts so much fun. How lovely would these be for a tea party or […]

Refreshing Chai

Refreshing Chai made in the GitaDini saucepan with built-in strainer

In this video we are sharing one of our favourite recipes for a very refreshing Indian chai using fresh mint leaves, grated ginger and crushed cardamon. Gita, GitaDini’s head designer shows us how she likes to make her morning tea. Because she really loves her cup of morning chai, she decided to design a special […]