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Introducing “My Spice Sage” for all your spice needs!

Yin Yang Storage Bin Set in black and white filled with spices

Here at GitaDini we love spices! The inspiration behind the GitaDini Yin Yang Storage Bin Set was the traditional Indian Spice Box a.k.a. Masala Dabba. Pretty much every Indian household owns at least one Masala Dabba, this is where the spices for everyday cooking are kept. The typical Masala Dabba is round, made from stainless steel […]

Kerala Style Coconut Eggplant

Kerala Style Coconut Eggplant

I’ve always wanted one of these but have never bought one because, well what else do I have an incredibly messy pantry for? God forbid I should ever get organized, ’cause what’s more fun than being in the middle of a big cook and shrieking “Where the hell’s the damn coriander seed?!!” while spilling a […]