Refreshing Chai

Refreshing Chai made in the GitaDini saucepan with built-in strainer

In this video we are sharing one of our favourite recipes for a very refreshing Indian chai using fresh mint leaves, grated ginger and crushed cardamon.

Gita, GitaDini’s head designer shows us how she likes to make her morning tea. Because she really loves her cup of morning chai, she decided to design a special teapan with a built-in strainer, for ease of use when pouring the tea into the cup.

You can find more information on this teapan by clicking on this link

Here is the recipe:

• 2 cups of water – bring to light boil

then add:

• 1 tbsp grated ginger – more or less to taste

• 1 handfull of fresh mint leaves

• a few leaves of fresh tulsi (holy basil)

bring to boil, once it boils, add either

• 3 tsp of loose tea


• 2-3 teabags – depending on preferred strength


• a pinch of crushed cardamom

let it boil for a few minutes, then add

• ¾ cup milk

let it boil for about 5mins

remove from stove, strain into teacups

Add preferred sweetener – i.e. sugar, honey or splenda.