Roasted Veg and Walnut Soup

The lovely Shradha who is the author of Shredible Food used the GitaDini Saucepan to make a delicious Roasted Veg and Walnut Soup. She says: 

Winter is the official ‘soup’ season. Soup, blankets, socks, books and more soup! Especially, the kind that requires not much effort. Simple ingredients, if treated right, can create flavorsome magic! What better than healthy, fresh veg, right?

I made this rustic viscous-y, fibrous, deliciousness with whatever I found lying around, in my kitchen. This soup is my favorite, even more with some mushrooms, for a bite. I grow herbs in the house, so generally, I always have basil in stock (you can substitute with some parsley but that’d change the taste).


Find the full recipe and her thoughts on the saucepan on her blog!